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Chocolate, · Chips · and · Buttered · Toast

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So, thats that for the weekend! It just flew by! Bast!

Basically, I think I slept it away to be honest - woke about 12 noon Saturday and then at about 11.15 today ... I didn't even get dressed - pj'd it! Fabulous! Hair looked lush, skin looked lush and, boy, was I shaking it in my tartan jama-troos - think I just about got rid of my eye crusties about 8 this evening, just in time to make some more tonight! What a day!!!

Actually, twas not a complete waster - had a real film fest with He-who-hugs-me: I think we watched about 5 movies this weekend. Had a Sham-bam-malamy-man sesh and viewed Signs and The Village - we've seen them before but I really love his work - his films always get me and Im like "ohhhhhhhhh, now I understand ... of course!" in a kinda slaps-forehead way - and no I DIDN'T GUESS THAT BRUCE WAS ALREADY DEAD! And, you know, thats ok - I've worked through that now and can say it without shame! We didn't get round to that one - watched Van Helsing again though - love it! There was another couple but I forget for the minute ... lemme tighten up my padded helmet!

Spoke to the light of my life that is "Lil-Jake" this aft – picked up my phone and heard the cutest voice saying “don’t shout Aunty Patsy, don’t shout”! He really is 3 years going on 75 … although quite how a old man could physically take a “big giraffe into the bath after giving it lots of big hay” … I dunno! Imagination is so … imaginative when you’re that age … but my little granddad of a nephew sure does push the boundaries of non-hallucinogenic-drug-induced daydreams of any human I know! May be they put something in Frubes or Fruit Shoots - Im not sure … but just as I started to muse that point, Lil-Jake was obviously keen to cram more action into his weekend and I just caught the gist of “Bye … something-something-something … mutter-mutter … Bob the Builder’s on” and he was gone in a flash! Such is life!

Its time for bed now. Wished I'd crammed more into my weekend - havent even made a dent in washing mountain, which Im sure is sprouting its own moss or something ... its just getting bigger and bigger! Oh well, never mind - I was never gonna make housewife of the year anyway – perhaps I should start downing Frubes in one go!!!

Well, whatever, Im off to mi bed – He-who-hugs-me has already warmed it up and I need to drop off before he starts snoring!!

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Arctic Monkeys - all of 'em
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God am knackered today - just could not get out of bed at all ... as the heatings still "gone", it makes it twice as hard to de-slumber to the icy mists of the bathroom of a morning ... so I managed to get myself there for about half past 10! It'll do!

Don't you just HATE tractors??? They are the bain of my life! Actually, I'd add arctic lorries too but for the fact they ship copious amounts of chocolate around the world and into ma tum! But tractors! ARGH! They shouldn't be allowed to travel beyond the hedged borders! EVER! They should build innovate mechanisms to launch carrots, turnips and tatoes to market - ala elesticated sling shots or even carrier pigeon but should not, under ANY circumstances be allowed to get in front of ME IN YOUR STUPID, BOUNCY TIRE, SNAIL-PACED, OOOARRR OOOARRR, PIPE-SMOKING, FLAT CAP'D, ROSEY CHEEKS, UP AT THE CRACK O' DAWN, DOG-ON-YER-SHOULDER KINDA WAY AGAIN! YOU ABSOLUTE BASTARDS!

So I got to work in a great mood this morning! Good job it was fish n chips for lunch or I would just about cried at the thought of staying awake all day just to benchmark tender applications all day! Oh the very joy!

But at least its Friday and even though the sands of time flow in an alternate, somehow faster time dimension for approximately 48 hours from midnight tonight ... I shall none the less rejoice in the fact that I can sleep for the next two days without having to put a toe out from under the duvet! BLISS!

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Well bloody hell - that was the longest vacation I've ever taken ... apparently! Nearly 3 years, I'd say??

How could I have forgotten about this place when I'd invested so much of my time, effort and humour into it ... why, I had made all of 6 entries ... I should learn to love my work!

So, whats happened during that time ... obviously, I havent been on holiday - jobs have come and gone - some good, some worse.

Houses have also zoomed by - we even lived in what can only be described as an ice box for a year ... a "2 up /2 down" min-fridge with floor tiles! Oh the opulence! Honestly, you really can heat a whole cottage with a two bar, plug-in, electric fire ... we were toasty warm! And don't forget the facilities ... fresh, wall-paper-filtered, running water in every room ... no more boring tap brought liquid for me! No, I want my water when I want it ... no matter where I am in the house, whether theres a mains supply or not! And its not just the convenience of walls-supplied water ... the aroma was wonderfully fragrant - you know, parfum de mouldy basement? No need for glade plug-ins at that house - a bedroom that smells like at tramps arm-pit is a hammock of comfort to sleep in, I can tell you!

But things did get better - He-who-Hugs-me and I went and bought a house - our very own house ... its beautiful and has heat! Yes - real radiators in every room! Welcome to the 20th Century! Its basically perfect ... just a few tweaks and it'll be a palace ... well I say tweaks but perhaps alterations might be more appropriate ... well I saw alterations but may be redesigning could apply more ... well I saw redesigning when may be demolition might just do the trick??? Yes, its a fixer-up-er, no doubt about it! What with the wood-chip styled artex in every downstairs room, the chipboard kitchen with wall-papered units and the tiles layed on concrete adourning the original oak floor boards ... theres quite a bit to keep us occupied for, say, 10 decades!

Maybe I've under-sold the place - it really is quite lovely and will be perfect soon enough ... and it is ours after all!

Ho hum ... should sign off now and think about my next entry!

See you tomorrow!
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Today I left the most awfully, depressing, lonely, smelly, boring, infuriating job in my world! Gone! It is no more! I spent the morning shredding copies of "confidential" documents ... which was cool actually as I pulled up a chair, got a coke and opened the filing cupboard doors so no one could see me hidden behind and ... had a shredding blast! Beat working, I can tell you! Oh to be an office-junior again!

Anyway, had the "thanks for all your hard work" speech from the boss - yeah whatever ... and skipped my way back on my 85 mile journey home for the LAST TIME!! WOOHOO!!

Can you tell Im happy about this?

And tomorrow, Im going on holiday! It just gets better and better!

We're of to Robin Hoods Bay - a small (teeny-tiny) fishing village on the north-east coast - the most amazingly beautiful place and we've got the best room-with-a-view at the hotel! They do the best bacon ever!

Im kwite a happy girl right now!

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Had seizures throughout the night :(

Went to a wedding Reception on Friday night and I think their buffet food had something in it that my brain doesn't like. Don't know whether Im coming or going at the minute: bloody typical that Im on a long weekend so I get to waste my time instead of works :(((

I hate having epilepsy!

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Went to see X Men - was brill film - but, yeah, whatever ...


Not only did I buy tickets for the first showing on the Wednesday 21 May, I also bought them for the one immediately after that finishes.

Oh, and of course, booked tickets to see on the first showing on Thursday

And then for Friday

and then of course, might as well do a Saturday one too so booked a couple for that also!

I might even throw in a few more ... but that is my business! ;)

Quite who Im going to get to come with me on all of these showings is a mystery just yet. He-Who-Hugs-Me is coming for the first two, and probably Friday but Im sure I can drag some unexpected lost soul into the others to hold my popcorn!

The Matrix made me a geek and I love it - I'd never geeked before I saw it and then I turned into an absolutely nerd and its ace! Do you know that me and my brother once recited the script from memory walking home from the pub one night? Honestly, its an obssession!
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Off to see X Men II tonight; big family outing for for 6 o'clock showing and He-Who-Hugs-Me is beside himself with excitement. As the alarm went off at 5:45 this morn, and he stirred, did he say:

"good morning darling, I love you with all my mind body and soul? erm NO


"you look radiant this morn, even though the left side of your hair is matted and stuck to the side of your forehead? erm ... NO

did he even say

my sweet jesus the lord above, your radiant beauty dwarfs the morning sun when you awake, my sweet Patsy NOT bloody likely

or did he look at me through gritty, slitty eyes, grin and repeat, "seeing X Men tonight ... seeing X Men tonight" over and over? OH YES HE DID!!!

Im bloody hungry right now but I didn't have any change on me to get a bacon butty :( Not Good!

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your ideal mate is Legolas!

Who is your Ideal Lord of the Rings (male) Mate?

How cool is that??? Apart from the skater-boy, kitchen-tray-down-the-concrete-steps incident, this man is a mighty fine specimen of Elf! He can wiggle his ears at me anytime! I knew he was mine!

Im so bloody tired today - Im finding it hard to keep mi eyes open - and its only 09:27!!!
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Cheer Bear
You're the Care Bear cheerleader! Your spunky personality and optimisim lifts everyone's spirit. Though you want everyone to be happy, you stand your ground on issues you feel strongly about and this can bring disunity among your friends. Despite this, you are a true believer in working together.

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Update weekend: had a lazy day yesterday - didn't get out of my teddy bear jamas until I went to bed last night! And it was COOL!!! Got all teary at a slushy programme on the Hallmark channel - Im such a sucker for all that stuff. Made a New York Baked Cheesecake and it was the best ever! Honestly, quite how I get them so velvety, I'll never know - my cheesecakes are a Phenomenon.

So today was ...interesting so far. Got off for work then remembered I'd forgotton my glasses, which I only wear for driving and watching cinema movies as I have very youthful eyes that are defying the law of gravity and remaining at hawk-standard, it is not because I am "getting old"! So off I went again the Big-Purple-Car in the pouring rain bombing down the A1 and the steering went "slack", just for a second and then there was a little bump! I was mortified I'd killed a lima or something just as cute ... not so fussed if it was a turtle ... but anything furry and that'd be it, I'd be inconsolable! But then it did it again as I proceeded on my journey, so I thought "bugger this! and pulled over onto the hard shoulder and phoned the AA, who had their finger on the pulse this morning! Yeah! The twin of the eldest Chuckle Brother was were there in 40 minutes, bright yellow lights a'flashing, though no dungarees, which must be damn near a record!

However, while waiting for Chuckle Twin, I entertained various HGV drivers with my rave tecnique and oh how they were thrilled! I even got two waves during K.C and Sunshine Band's "Give it up" as by then I was really going for it, clappying and shimmying for all I was worth! I'd managed to pull into a little indented farmer road type thing, just off the hard shoulder and had turned my car around a little, so Eddie Stobard and his chums were getting full side-on and frontal view of said car dancing!

After eating a crumpled Penguin biscuit that I found right at the bottom of my bag, I was slightly disturbed to see a man walking along the hard shoulder toward me in the terrential down pouring of rain... wearing not more than a quilted jacket and no head gear ... very strange indeed! I watched Soggy and Soggy watched me. Soggy got nearer and I picked up my phone. Soggy peered in and just walked on by. I sat nervously for an enternity.

Then the yellow flashing Chuckle Twin turned up and all was forgotton.

After Chuckley, as I affectionally called him, told me that there was nothing wrong with The-Big-Purple-Car and I had obviously just aqua-glided, I set off again driving no faster than 55 mph! Not caring if I could be overtaken by an extra slow, wide-load, static-caravan-moving vehicle - Im not becoming the Torville of watery highways for sheer pride! Bearing in mind that Chuckley had given me a good going over (*nudge nudge*) for about 15 minutes, poking, measuring and inspecting every orrifice ... of my car, I was amazed to see Soggy STILL lumbering along hard shoulder quite some miles up the motorway, as I tootled past, in the absolutely pouring rain! It was like he was out for a Sunday afternoon jaunt only it was 8.15 in the morning on the M18, he'd been going for at least half an hour and he'd already walked past umpteenth SOS phones en route. He was totally soaked to the skin but apparently unaware. Either a fool or a weatherman ... Im not sure which.

So got to work only an hour and a half late ... which is virtually on time and now Im ready for lunch!
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K.C.'s Give it up, baaa-aaaaby, give it up ...
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